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Douglas Boebinger Letter of Reference
from Marilyn Wheeler

To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to provide a letter of recommendation for Doug Boebinger. He worked for me at Ford Motor Company for about 8 years as a project management consultant, specializing in process improvement and process development. He is very skilled in this area as I’m sure his resume outlines for you. I would like to provide with you my impression of his other work skills.

He demonstrated leadership through his work with a diverse, cross-functional team on several very complex projects. He is well organized and thoughtful in working with teams, making sure that he is prepared for team meetings and that during meetings all team members have the opportunity to voice their opinions and are treated respectfully. As a leader, he is able to assimilate the diverse team “wants” and develop solutions — often innovative solutions — which result in win-win situations while maintaining the integrity of the project.

I also respect Doug’s willingness to help others, even when it means a lot of extra work for him. On many occasions, he has seen someone confused, struggling, or just overloaded, and he has found the time to help out. This not only benefits that person but all of us who depend on the work getting done. Things got accomplished because Doug was around.

He is a talented, honest, intelligent, and hard worker. I hold him in high regard.


Marilyn Wheeler

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